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The Tudor Days at Poundstock Gildhouse not only offer a special day for schools but can also provide an opportunity for groups of adults and families to step back in time and become Tudors for a day. We have a range of beautiful costumes in all sizes and have acitvities including brewing baking and cob making as well as dancing and a range of Tudor leisure activities. We can provide light lunches and information about day to day life in Tudor times for rich and poor alike.
This unique experience is available to any group of adults or children so please email website@poundstock Gildhouse.co.uk or phone Penny Hazeldine on: 01288 682182

In August, St Breward W.I came to experience a Tudor day programme that gave everyone an opportunity to join in the practical activities that would have taken place in the building in the 16th century. Over coffee Sandy Dingle outlined the history of this Grade 1 listed building since 1540.

Then having put on costumes that poor peasants may have worn everyone made bread, brewed beer (non alcoholic ginger beer) and made cob bricks. After changing into some grander clothes lunch was served. Pretending to be the very rich we idled the afternoon away playing Tudor games or trying to write with a quill pen.




St Breward W.I enjoying their lunch
Then everyone learned learned
a Tudor dance.

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