Poundstock Gildhouse 
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It has always been believed that the gildhouse dated from around 1600, but we have never been sure. English Heritage agreed to pay for a survey to be done, and this took place on 11th October 2006.

University Dendrochronologists Robert Howard and Alison Arnold came with their ladders and drills and took some core samples from a few of the beams and the door, which is believed to be original. It is essential that the cores are from timbers that have a full depth of trunk as the way the age is obtained is by comparing the ring pattern with timber of known dates.

Our samples will be added to the database to help English Heritage to have a large collection of examples from different parts of the country. Luckily, they didn't leave holes behind as they filled and plugged them. As the plugs are of oak, you can't even see where they have been.

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