Poundstock Gildhouse 
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The last restoration was very sympathetically done in 1907, which has saved the building from complete ruin. The current restoration project has involved removing rotten timbers, replacing the guttering and repairing the damaged cob walls.

We have completely refurbished the kitchen and installed a disabled toilet on each floor, along with disabled access. There is also a new and much needed car park. So after 450 years the Gildhouse is entering the next phase of its life and will be hopefully used by the people of Poundstock and further afield for many more years to come.

Restoration Updates

• October 2006: Dendrochronology Survey.
English Heritage kindly agreed to pay for a Dendrochronology survey to confirm the age of our Gildhouse. The result of this was that the building was dated back to 1540

• March 2007: Dendrochronology Survey 

• May 2007: Restoration work begins

• Nov 2012: Restoration of the Gildhouse well 
May 2008: The finished project.

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  Poundstock Gildhouse 2007 - 2014