Poundstock Gildhouse 
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1086 Poundstock was recorded as Pondestoch in the Domesday book
held by the Count of Mortain. Land for 6 ploughs; 1 slave and 1 villager and 5 smallholders. Woodland, 10 acres; pastures, 40 acres. Value 20s (10 cattle; 50 sheep)
The name is Saxon and means 'cattle enclosure'

1282   The Archbishop of Canterbury came to Poundstock after the Rector of Morwenstow had seized the Church and installed his own man as incumbent. No sooner had he left then his candidate was evicted
1357   Assistant Curate, William Penfound was hacked to death before the altar by brigands.
fl. 1361   Assistant Curate Thomas de Trengose

Geoffrey Chaucer begins work on The Canterbury Tales


Jeanne d'Arc burned as a witch at Rouen; Henry VI of England crowned king of France in Paris

William Penfound was MP for Bodmin


Richard III King of England (to 1485); Edward V and his brother (little princes ) are murdered in the Tower of London


Battle of Bosworth Field Henry Tudor defeats and kills Richard III in the decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses. Takes throne as Henry VIIth

1509 Henry VIII becomes king  

The Protestant Reformation begins;


House of Commons complains that feast days have become too numerous.

Henry VIII orders all feast days to be held in October, this was largely ignored
1534 Act of Supremacy : Henry VIII declared supreme head of the Church of England  
1536 Dissolution of monasteries in England begins under the direction of Thomas Cromwell, completed in 1539. Act of Union - England Wales  
fl. 1537   Assistant Curate William Woodwarde
1540 -1550   Poundstock Gildhouse built
1546 Henry VIII abolishes Religious Gilds and Charities  
1547 Westcountry gentry prohibit church ales
1548  Government of Edward VI prohibits all feast days and the veneration of saints Church ales outlawed by Edward VI

Edward VI's Book of Common Prayer - written in English abolished the Latin mass

Outbreak of Cornish Prayer Book Rebellion. The rebellion was brutally suppressed with thousands killed. Simon Morton, Vicar of Poundstock was hung at the market house in Stratton on October 13th and buried on October 18th for high treason for supporting the old Catholic religion. The Gildhouse was probably still being built at this time

1550   Roger Harward appointed Vicar of Poundstock
1553 Mary I daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England (to 1558); Restoration of Roman Catholic bishops in England Church Ales allowed again by Mary


Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, becomes Queen; Repeal of Catholic legislation in England

Church ales still tolerated


Stubbes abuses "merrie making" calls to end ales and church holidays


The Spanish Armada is defeated by the English fleet under Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins

Penfound family noted as "among the chief gentry of the county"

1595 Strict rules governing church ales introduced in Devon  
1598 -1600   Vicar of Poundstock Peter Dennis

In 1599 CHURCH ALES were declared unlawful at all times in Devon and in a Canon of 1603 they were prohibited everywhere.


Elizabeth I grants charter to East India Company

Vicar of Poundstock, William Churton
1601 Elizabethan Poor Law charges the parishes with providing for the needy; Job creation & chastisement


1602   Cornish historian Richard Carew defends church ales as promoters of ‘good neighbourliness’
1605 Gunpowder Plot ; Guy Fawkes and other Roman Catholic conspirators fail in attempt to blow up Parliament and James I  
1611 James I's authorized version (King James Version) of the Bible is completed  
1618 James I gives explicit approval of church ales in his ‘Book of Sports’  
1629 Famine in England  
1633 Charles I reiterates royal approval of church ales and reissues ‘Book of Sports  
1635 -1637   Vicar of Poundstock, Robert Parr
1637 -1640   Vicar of Poundstock, Philip Bisse
1638 Poundstock’s Royal Coat of Arms of Charles I which now hangs in the Gildhouse is commissioned.
1640 -1646   Vicar of Poundstock, William Kemp
1642 Civil War breaks out  
1643 House of Commons condemns church ales and orders bpublic burning of the ‘Book of Sports’ Charles I writes letter to the people of Cornwall to thank them for their support
1644 Parliament prohibits Revels and orders destruction of maypoles  
1647 -1652   Christopher Hill (Minister of Poundstock)
1649 Charles I is tried and executed ; The Commonwealth is established and lasts until 1660

Church Ales finally die away in the country due to Puritan pressure -

1652 -1658   William Greenaway (Minister of Poundstock)
1659 – 1663   Vicar of Poundstock John Rogers
1660 Parliament restores Charles II to throne Church Revels re-permitted

England siezes New Amsterdam from the Dutch, change name to New York

Vicar of Poundstock, Thomas Warner
1665 Great Plague in London  
1666 Great Fire of London  
1707 The Act of Union unites the kingdoms of England and Scotland and transfers the seat of Scottish Government to London  
1718 -1720   Vicar of Poundstock, Richard Dinham
1720 -1748   Vicar of Poundstock, Gregory Bridgman

Poor Law Act - Workhouses for commercial exploitation & to punish

1724   Christopher Jolliffe of Poundstock, charged for non payment of Church rates
1731   Abraham Jewell of Poundstock, charged for non-payment of Church rates
1738 John and Charles Wesley start the Methodist movement in Britain  

First reference to Poundstock Gildhouse being used as a schoolhouse.
Wrestling and hurling, frolicking and drinking recorded at Cornish feast days

1766   First reference to Poundstock Gildhouse being used as a Poorhouse.

James Watt patents the Steam Engine

1770 -1803   Vicar of Poundstock, Thomas Trevethen
1789 Outbreak of the French Revolution  

About this time, the use of Church House as a school ends

1801 The first British Census is undertaken Census : population 617
1803 – 1809   Vicar of Poundstock, Charles Dayman
1805 Nelson destroys the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar
1815 The defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo marks the end of the Napoleonic Wars  

Famine in Ireland

population 1821: 744
1825 The World's first railway service , the Stockton and Darlington Railway opens. Trade Unions are legalized  
1829 The Metropolitan Police Force is set up by Robert Peel.  
1831   population: 727
1834 Parliament passes the Poor Law Act , establishing workhouses for the poor  
1835 -1841   Vicar of Poundstock, Henry McIntosh Crichlow
1837 Queen Victoria to the throne.  Births, deaths and marriages must be registered by law
1838   Stable established on the ground floor of the Gildhouse

The penny post is instituted

1841 The first British Census recording the names of the populace is undertaken.

Census : population 672

1844-45 Railways mania explodes across Britain .  

Irish Potato Famine kills more than a million people

1847, the last of the Penfounds dies in the poorhouse

The Great Exhibition is staged in Hyde Park

Census : Population: 651


Workhouses introduced



1870 Primary education becomes compulsory in Britain  
1871   Population: 515

Population: 522

1899-1902 Boer War in South Africa  
1891   Population: 496
1901   Population: 434
1907   Poundstock Gildhouse restored and saved from ruin

First World War starts


End of World War 1

1921   Population: 469
1939 World War 2 starts  
1940 27th May - 4 th June - Dunkirk Evacuation


1945 World War 2 ends


1951   Population: 698
1969 First moon landing - 20 th July  

Berlin Wall falls 9th November


2001 World Trade Centre Disaster September 11 Population: 805

Euro currency introduced

2003 Space shuttle Columbia explodes
Iraq war starts

Asian tsunami on Boxing Day

2005 Pakistan Earthquake  
2006 Poundstock Gildhouse dendrochronology survey dates earliest timbers to 1543

Picture of Edward Prince of Wales in 1543
2007   March General project update, May Restoration of the Gildhouse begins
2008   Gildhouse restoration completed
2012   Poundstock Gildhouse recieves the prestigious Europa Nostra award for conservation
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