Poundstock Gildhouse 
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Well Done!

The old well!
The Gildhouse now has another lovely feature to add to its character. Across the road was an old well that used to be buried in brambles, with a collapsed-in roof and broken door. We had always felt that it was the water supply for the poor house. We had for some time felt that it would be good to get it restored.

When the Gildhouse won the Europa Nostra award it was decided that some of the prize money should go towards the repair of the well. However, it was felt that the well had been part of the community so it would be nice if the community had the chance to help with this project and feel some ownership of it. Therefore, it was decided that people could donate 5 for a stone used in the restoration. A book will be kept with the names of the donors in it.

If you would like to ‘own’ a stone, contact Jen Spettigue on 01288 361525
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